Implant systems differ.  But for the right candidate, all offer a more functional alternative to removable dentures.  And for patients with missing teeth, implants are like having the real thing again.

What's the procedure for implants?

The procedure for placing a dental implant happens in three stages.  First, the implant device is inserted into the upper or lower jawbone.  This procedure is surgical, and is usually performed with only local anesthesia or a combination of other types of sedation.  After a healing period from two to six months, posts are attached to each implant. (During this time you won't be "toothless" - we'll have temporary replacements for you.)  Finally, new teeth are made to the unique specifications of your face and mouth, and secured to the implanted posts with precision attachments.  Only the "tooth part" is visible.

What makes a successful implant?

In our system, it's osseointegration (osseo=bone)...the meshing of implant and bone.  A chemical and mechanical bond is formed allowing the jawbone to actually grow into the implant.

If the bony ridges in your jaw are in good shape, and your gum tissue is healthy, you may be a good candidate for implants.


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