When it comes to dentures, there are choices we make to assure your denture is not only functional, but natural-looking. How you feel about your appearance is important. We like to think no one leaves our office with a denture that can be spotted at 100 paces. So what features make a good denture?

Color, for one. Natural teeth and good, high quality denture teeth reflect light the same way. Natural tooth enamel is clear and blue. But the ivory-colored dentin beneath makes the tooth yellow near the gum, graduates to white, then lends translucence to the edge. The overall shade of each individual tooth varies from white in the center of the mouth, to fairly yellow further back. Bad denture teeth, on the other hand, are a single shade of stark, unnatural white. We take all these hues into account when we construct your denture.

Natural smiles curve towards the back of the mouth. Teeth appear to diminish in size from the central incisors (two front teeth) to the molars. Conversely, the teeth in a bad denture seem to descend, like a frown, lower and lower. Even with a broad smile, perfectly even teeth do not lend a happy look.

The two central incisors should peek through during speech, and be revealed their full length in laughter. We may build the front teeth a little longer to add a touch of youth to your appearance. Look at a picture of yourself--smiling--when you were in your twenties. That vitality is what we're seeking.

With attention to detail, we'll arrive at a denture no one will notice. 


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